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January 4, 2018 in State Administration “State archive of Astana city” held a meeting with the Deputy of Majilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan, member of Committee on international Affairs, defense and security Chirkov Mikhail Vladimirovich


The meeting was attended by first Deputy Chairman of Saryarka district branch of “Nur Otan” Alimgazin B. A., staff of the State archive of Astana city.

During the meeting, the Deputy M. V. Chirkov familiarized with the main directions of activities of the archive, visited the archives, which stored management, scientific, technical and audiovisual documentation, the party and Komsomol documents, personnel, and personal origin. With the above, visited the exhibition hall, where they got acquainted with the exposition for the relocation of the capital from Almaty to Akmola, and reading room that provide researchers with opportunity to work on research projects, dissertation. V.M.Chirkov drew attention to the historical, cultural and documentary significance stored in archive of documents, noting the possibility of using documents to attract public interest, the knowledge of history.

During the conversation the staff of the archive told about the implementation of the program article “Spiritual renewal”, on the progress of the archive and plans for the near future. Equally important Deputy of the discussion on problematic issues that require specific solutions. At the end of the conversation, V. M.Chirkov announced recommendations for implementing the archive task and thanked the archive staff for their hard work.

December 22, 2017 in the reading room of the State archive of Astana city the head of the HR Department of Saryarka district Ismadiyeva Razia Amangeldievna held a documentary exhibition and a lecture “Trust “Zelenogradyazhstroy” for the archive staff. The archive staff presented a brief history of the establishment and activities of the trust


Trust “Zelenogradtyazhstroy” was founded in 1973 pursuant to the order of the Ministry of construction of enterprises of heavy industry of the Kazakh SSR dated November 20, 1972.

№105-OS and the order of Globalimpact from January 2, 1973, № 2 “About the unit of the trusts “Zelenogradstroy and Zelenogradpromstroy” one trust “Zelenogradtyazhstroy”.

Trust “Zelenogradstroy” was the territorial enterprise type and had 13 networking organizations, institutions (Construction management Prommashstroy, Promindustry, Zhilstroy, etc.)

During the trust existed, the Scientific and technical Council, the direct management of which was carried out by a Bureau composed of 13 people. Employees awarded marks for achievements”excellence in socialist competition of the USSR Mintyazhstroy”, “Udarnik of the 9th five-year plan”, the title “Honored Builder of the Kazakh Soviet socialist Republic”, certificates of honor were put on Board and the book of honor of the trust.

The trust has built houses, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and also participated in public life. When the trust was created by the student construction teams that are involved in the construction of state farms “Stepnyak”, “Zarechnyy”, “Vozdvijenski”, etc.

Over the years, the trust worked: Mamin Askar Uzakpayevich, Meshcheryakov N. I., Lyutov Vladimir, Heroev Salman Saidarovich and others. December 29, 1993 “Zelenogradstroy” transformed into Joint-stock company “Akmolastroi”.

December 22, 2017 in the framework of the program “Spiritual renewal” an employee of the department of publications and use of documents G. N.Mukanova held a lecture on the theme “Shokan Ualikhanov – the first scientist” at school-Lyceum № 38 of Astana for pupils of the 10th class


The purpose of the lecture was to inform students with the life and works of Shokan Ualikhanov and familiarity with archival documents regarding the activities of Shokan Ualikhanov.

Shokan Ualikhanov – the great Kazakh scientist, prominent educator, historian, ethnographer, geographer and folklorist of the ХІХ century.

430 Fund of the State archive of Astana city are the documents of the graduate of Omsk cadet corps of Shokan Ualikhanov identified in the Historical archive of the Omsk region.

After completion of the cadet Academy Ualikhanov, working as the aide-de-camp of the Governor General of Western Siberia G. H. Gasford, excelled in the study of history, geography and Economics of the Turkish speaking countries. In 1855 he made several trips to the remote regions of the country, in Semirechye and the khanate of Kokand, and described in detail each of his trips in his writings, “Traces of shamanism among the Kirghiz (Kazakhs)”, “About Islam in steppe”.

In 1856, under the leadership of Colonel M. M. Khomentovsky, Shokan Ualikhanov participated in the military-scientific “Issyk-Kul” to the expedition, which recorded an excerpt of the famous poem of the Kyrgyz people “Manas”. The result of the collected materials and research, Shokan Ualikhanov wrote “The Diary of a trip to Issyk Kul”, “Notes on the Kirghiz”, “Western edge of the Chinese Empire and the city of Kulja”.

In 1858-1859 years, like a merchant he traveled to Kashgar, then almost unknown in Europe countries. Studied political structure, geography and collected information about the history and Ethnography of this country. Shokan Ualikhanov has made a significant contribution to the scientific study of Eastern Turkestan. The main result of the trip was             a scientific work “About the state Altyshar or six East cities of Chinese province Nan-Lu (Small Bukharin)”, which was highly appreciated by the Orientalists of Russia and abroad.


December 15, 2017 in the framework of the program “Spiritual renewal” an employee of the department of publications and use of documents of the SI “State archive of Astana city” Sh.Kenzhalina for 1st year students of the Finance Academy was held the lecture on “The pedestal of Independence”


The purpose of the lecture: explanation of the historical role of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev in development of independent and prosperous democratic state, the education of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and civic consciousness, love own Motherland.

Students got acquainted with the activities of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev and the history of independent Kazakhstan.

Clarification was given that on December 16, 1991 in our country was adopted the Law “On state Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. In 26 years of independence Kazakhstan has conducted a number of large-scale reforms in all spheres of the state: the politics, Economics, culture and able to take rightful place in the global community.

Very important achievement of our Independence – peace and harmony, friendship and mutual understanding of representatives of different nationalities living in our country, which was a positive example and guarantor of stability in the world.

Further, the students expressed confidence that Kazakhstan will continue to develop in the spirit of modernity, and in the future they will put all their strength and knowledge for the prosperity of Motherland.


A new milestone in the history of Independent Kazakhstan 15 December in the reading room of the State archive of Astana city Elena Kulakova archivist of the department of publications and use of documents held a lecture – conversation: “A New milestone in the history of Independent Kazakhstan dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan for archivists. The conversation based on political, economic, stages of development of Kazakhstan


December 16, 1991 President Nursultan Nazarbayev, acting on the mind, guided by the desire to draw public freedom for the benefit of the people of Kazakhstan, has signed the constitutional law “On the state independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. It’s a great day in the history of our state and our people.

Since then, the Republic has received the final legal registration of the status of an independent, democratic and legal state, having full authority on territory, independently defining, conducting internal and external policies. A new era began in the history of our country: embodying the people’s will – his desire for freedom, Kazakhstan declared its Independence.

Kazakhstan has established statehood and laid, developed, strengthened the foundations of national independence, provided the country’s territorial integrity and the inviolability of borders, transferred the economy on a free market path of development and successfully integrate into the global market.

The head of our state is one of the most prominent politicians of modern times, and that’s why our country has held, has made great strides in the economy and socio – political development has become an active subject in world politics. During independence of Kazakhstan the President has revived the spirit of our people, their consciousness, thinking, moral and spiritual values, traditions and heritage.

The upcoming 26 – the anniversary of regaining our Independence shows that our country has held as a successful state with a democratic political and legal system, stable economy and high level of population.

The attention of the staff was presented the film: “Independence Day of Kazakhstan” and book exhibition: “26 years of Independence of Kazakhstan”.